Nale Ba: The Mysterious Curse of the Night

Naale Ba

Nale Ba, also known as “Come Tomorrow” in English, is a chilling urban legend from the state of Karnataka in India. This haunting tale has been passed down through generations, captivating the imagination and sending shivers down the spines of those who hear it. Nale Ba has become a subject of fascination and fear with its eerie twists and unexplained phenomena. In this blog, we will delve into the legend of Nale Ba, explore its origins, share real-life experiences, and even uncover its connection to the popular Bollywood movie “Stree.”

The Legend of Nale Ba

According to the legend, Nale Ba is a curse that befalls people who venture out alone at night. A mysterious woman with long hair and a white sari is believed to wander the streets after dark, calling out to passersby to come back tomorrow. Those who ignore her warning or respond to her call never make it home the next day. They disappear without a trace, leaving behind an unsettling mystery.

Real-Life Experiences

Many locals in Karnataka claim to have witnessed or heard about encounters with Nale Ba. One such account comes from a person who claims to have encountered the ghostly woman while returning home late at night. They were walking alone when they suddenly heard a voice beckoning them to come back tomorrow. Overwhelmed by fear, they ran home, never daring to venture out alone after dark again. Another individual shares a similar experience, recounting the chilling feeling of being watched and pursued by an unseen presence while walking alone at night.

The Bollywood Connection

Bollywood movie

The legend of Nale Ba has gained further prominence through its portrayal in the Bollywood movie “Stree.” The film draws inspiration from this urban legend, weaving a narrative that combines horror, comedy, and suspense. “Stree” revolves around the mysterious disappearances of men after encountering a female ghost who calls out “O Stree, come tomorrow” at night. The movie serves as a thrilling reminder of the chilling tale that has captured the imagination of people across the country.


Nale Ba continues to be a spine-tingling urban legend that haunts the streets of Karnataka. Whether it is a cautionary tale passed down through generations or a chilling encounter experienced by locals, the legend of Nale Ba serves as a reminder of the mysteries that lurk in the darkness. As we delve into the realm of supernatural folklore, it is essential to approach these tales with a mix of curiosity and respect for the power of the human imagination.

Disclaimer: The legend of Nale Ba and the associated real-life experiences mentioned in this blog are based on folklore and local accounts. There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of supernatural phenomena. The intention of this blog is to explore the cultural significance of urban legend and its impact on popular culture.

Note: The reference to the Bollywood movie “Stree” is for illustrative purposes

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