Morgan House Kalimpong: A Haunted Retreat

Morgan House Kalimpong

Morgan House Kalimpong, located in the picturesque hill station of West Bengal, is a historic colonial building that has gained a reputation for being haunted. This stately mansion, surrounded by lush greenery and offering breathtaking views of the Himalayas, is not only known for its architectural beauty but also for the eerie tales that have been associated with it for decades. Let’s delve into the mysterious legends and ghostly encounters that surround Morgan House Kalimpong.

History and Architecture

Morgan House was built during the British colonial era and served as the official residence of the British tea estate manager. The building exhibits a unique blend of British and colonial architectural styles, with its imposing structure, large verandas, and grand interiors. It stands as a testament to the bygone era and continues to captivate visitors with its charm and mystique.

Haunted Legends

Over the years, Morgan House has become synonymous with ghostly tales and supernatural occurrences. Locals and visitors claim to have witnessed strange phenomena and felt an eerie presence while exploring the house. Stories of ghostly apparitions, unexplained footsteps, and mysterious sounds echoing through the corridors have added to its haunted reputation. Many believe that the spirits of the past residents still roam the halls, unwilling to leave their beloved homes.

Ghostly Encounters

Visitors to Morgan House have reported spine-chilling experiences during their stay. Some have claimed to see shadowy figures lurking in the corners, while others have heard disembodied voices and inexplicable whispers. The sensation of being watched or touched by unseen entities has left many visitors unsettled. These encounters have fuelled the intrigue and curiosity surrounding the paranormal activity in Morgan House Kalimpong.

Local Folklore

According to local folklore, the ghostly occurrences in Morgan House Kalimpong can be attributed to the tragic love story of a British officer and a local girl. It is said that the officer fell in love with the girl, but their relationship faced strong opposition from society. Heartbroken, the girl ended her life within the walls of Morgan House, forever binding her spirit to the place. The legends continue to be passed down through generations, adding to the enigmatic aura surrounding the mansion.

Real-Life Experience at Morgan House

During a stay at Morgan House, a family had a spine-chilling encounter that left them with an unforgettable memory. As they settled into their room, they noticed a peculiar sensation, as if someone was watching them. Strange occurrences followed throughout their stay, heightening their unease.

Late one night, the family awoke to the sound of faint whispers echoing through the corridors. Footsteps could be heard outside their room, despite there being no one visible. Doors creaked open and shut on their own, and objects inexplicably moved from one place to another.

The family decided to explore the haunted reputation of this place further and engaged in a guided ghost tour. As they delved deeper into the history and mysteries surrounding the property, their sense of fear and fascination grew. They even captured a few eerie photographs where mysterious orbs and misty shapes appeared, further confirming the paranormal presence.

Though the experiences were undeniably unsettling, the family felt a sense of awe and intrigue at the supernatural occurrences they witnessed at Morgan House. It left them pondering the secrets and stories hidden within the walls of this haunted mansion.

Visiting Morgan House

Despite its haunted reputation, Morgan House Kalimpong welcomes visitors who are intrigued by its history and allure. The house has been converted into a guesthouse, allowing guests to experience the unique blend of colonial charm and ghostly mysteries. Staying at Morgan House provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in the ambience of the past and perhaps even have a supernatural encounter of their own.


Morgan House Kalimpong stands as a testament to the mysteries that lie hidden within its walls. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the stories and legends surrounding this haunted retreat in Kalimpong continue to intrigue and fascinate visitors. If you dare to venture into the realm of the supernatural, a stay at Morgan House Kalimpong might just offer an experience that transcends the ordinary and takes you on a journey into the unknown.

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