The Mysterious Legend of Bullet Baba: A Motorcycle Deity

Bullet Baba
Bullet of Om Banna (Bullet Baba) Pic Credit: Wikimapia

In the vast and diverse land of India, where spirituality intertwines with everyday life, there exists a fascinating urban legend known as Bullet Baba. This intriguing tale revolves around a motorcycle that is worshipped as a deity by locals in the region. Let’s delve into the captivating story of Bullet Baba and the inexplicable devotion it has garnered.

The Legend of Bullet Baba

Deep in the heartland of Rajasthan, on the outskirts of the city of Jodhpur, lies the shrine of Bullet Baba. The story goes that many years ago, a man named Om Singh Rathore met with a fatal accident at this very spot while riding his Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle. The motorcycle was seized by the local police and taken to the police station, but to everyone’s astonishment, it mysteriously reappeared at the accident site the next day.

The Miracle of Bullet Baba

Word of this inexplicable event spread like wildfire, and the locals began to believe that the motorcycle possessed supernatural powers. They erected a shrine around the motorcycle and started worshipping it as a deity known as “Bullet Baba.” Devotees from near and far visit the shrine to seek blessings and offer their prayers. It is believed that Baba protects travellers, granting them a safe journey on their motorcycles or other vehicles.

Devotion and Rituals

The shrine of Bullet Baba has become a place of pilgrimage for bikers and travellers alike. Devotees offer garlands, incense, and other religious offerings to the motorcycle deity. It is customary for bikers to stop by the shrine, seek the blessings of Baba, and tie a red cloth or scarf on the motorcycle as a mark of respect and protection. It is believed that those who pay their respects to Baba will have a safe journey, free from accidents and mishaps.

Real-Life Experiences

Numerous accounts of miracles and divine interventions associated with Baba have been reported by devotees. Some claim that the motorcycle mysteriously starts and runs on its own, while others believe that it emits vibrations or strange sounds. These unexplained phenomena have only deepened the faith and reverence people have for Baba.


The legend of Bullet Baba is a testament to the extraordinary beliefs and rituals that exist in the diverse tapestry of Indian culture. The motorcycle deity has captured the imagination of many, and its shrine continues to be a site of pilgrimage and devotion. Whether it is a supernatural phenomenon or a symbol of deep faith, Baba stands as a unique urban legend that adds to the mystique of India’s spiritual landscape.


The legend of Bullet Baba is based on local folklore and beliefs. While the devotion and rituals associated with the shrine are real, the supernatural claims are subject to personal belief and interpretation.

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