The Mysterious Call of Nishi Daak: Unveiling Assam’s Supernatural Enigma

Nishi Daak

In the mystical land of Assam, where moonlit nights cast an ethereal glow upon the landscape, a chilling legend lurks in the shadows. Nishi Daak, the night caller, is an urban legend deeply rooted in the folklore of this enchanting region. With its captivating voice and eerie allure, Nishi Daak has both fascinated and terrified generations with its haunting presence.

Origin and Myth of Nishi Daak:

Nishi Daak, which translates to “night call” in the local language, is believed to be the voice of a restless spirit that beckons unsuspecting wanderers into the darkness. The legend tells of a feminine voice, soft yet irresistible, drawing people away from their homes and into the unknown. It is said that its calls have a melancholic and hypnotic quality, leaving those who hear them entranced and vulnerable to their enchantment.

The Mysterious Call:

Nishi Daak derives its name from the Assamese words “Nishi,” meaning night, and “Daak,” meaning call. The legend suggests that the call of this entity is heard primarily during the nighttime when darkness blankets the land. It is described as a hauntingly melodic sound that cuts through the stillness of the night, captivating all who hear it.

Supernatural Beings:

According to local beliefs, Nishi Daak is associated with supernatural beings that reside in the spiritual realm. These spirits, often referred to as “bhoot” or “Pret,” are said to be restless souls who roam the forests and water bodies of Assam. They are believed to be the source of the alluring yet eerie call of night, beckoning unsuspecting souls into their realm.

Legends and Folklore:

The legend of Nishi Daak has been passed down through generations in Assam, ingrained in the cultural fabric of the region. It serves as a cautionary tale, reminding people of the dangers of venturing out alone at night. Tales of this night caller enticing calls and the tragic fates of those who succumb to its enchantment have become a part of the local folklore. Parents warn their children about the dangers of straying from the safety of their homes after sunset, attributing any mysterious disappearances or accidents to the alluring voice of Nishi Daak.

Real-Life Encounters:

Over the years, numerous individuals claim to have encountered the enigmatic call of Nishi Daak. These firsthand accounts range from eerie experiences in the depths of the forests to unsettling encounters near water bodies. Some recount being inexplicably drawn towards the sound, while others describe feeling a sense of foreboding and danger. These encounters serve as a testament to the enduring allure and mystique of Nishi Daak.

  • Lost in the Night: Tales of Mysterious Disappearances:
    One recurring theme in the stories surrounding Nishi Daak is that of people mysteriously vanishing after hearing the call. Legends tell of individuals who ventured into the woods in search of the source of the haunting melody, only to never return. These tales serve as a chilling reminder of the potential dangers that lurk in the realm of this night caller.
  • Echoes in the Darkness: Eerie Encounters with Nishi Daak:
    Others recall unsettling encounters where they found themselves in the presence of Nishi Daak. They describe an overwhelming sense of being watched and an eerie silence that envelops the surroundings. Some claim to have witnessed fleeting glimpses of ethereal figures moving among the trees, their presence sending shivers down their spines.

The Impact of Nishi Daak:

The legend of Nishi Daak continues to captivate the imagination of the people of Assam. It serves as a reminder of the importance of caution and vigilance, particularly during the night. The tale has been a source of inspiration for literature, music, and other art forms in the region, showcasing the enduring power of this urban legend.


Nishi Daak, the alluring night caller of Assam, weaves its web of mystery and fear, captivating those who dare to listen. Whether a creation of imagination or a manifestation of something supernatural, the legend of this night caller serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us of the dangers that can lurk in the shadows. As the moonlight bathes the landscape of Assam, one can’t help but wonder if the haunting voice of this night caller is calling out, beckoning from the depths of the night.

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