The Cursed Fig Tree of Lalbagh Fort: Unveiling the Dark Legend

Cursed Fig Tree of Lalbagh Fort

Nestled within the historical confines of Dhaka, Bangladesh, stands the imposing Lalbagh Fort, a testament to the city’s rich architectural heritage. The Cursed Fig Tree of Lalbagh Fort stands amidst the fort’s walls and captivating gardens with a haunting presence. In this blog, we delve into the chilling legend surrounding this ancient tree, its eerie reputation, and the tales of misfortune associated with it.

The Legend of the Cursed Fig Tree

According to local folklore, the Cursed Fig Tree of Lalbagh Fort holds a malevolent power that brings misfortune to those who encounter it. The origins of the curse are rooted in a tragic event from the fort’s past, shrouded in mystery and whispered among the locals. The tree is said to be a witness to that fateful incident, and its ominous aura continues to cast a shadow over the fort’s grounds.

The Haunting Presence

Visitors who have ventured near the Cursed Fig Tree recount an eerie ambiance that permeates the air. Some describe a palpable sense of unease, as if being watched by unseen eyes, while others speak of a heavy atmosphere that weighs upon them. The twisted branches and gnarled roots of the tree only add to its haunting allure, creating a chilling sight that lingers in the memory.

Tales of Misfortune

Numerous stories circulate about individuals who have fallen victim to the curse of the fig tree. Locals speak of accidents, ill health, financial ruin, and other misfortunes befalling those who dare to disrespect or harm the tree in any way. These accounts, passed down through generations, contribute to the enduring belief in the cursed nature of the fig tree and the cautionary tales associated with it.

Real-Life Experiences

  1. The Unfortunate Incident: A local resident shares a personal experience involving the Cursed Fig Tree. While passing by the tree one evening, they witnessed a sudden and unexplained gust of wind that seemed to emanate from the tree itself. Within days, a series of unfortunate events unfolded in their life, including the loss of a job and a family illness. This encounter left them convinced of the tree’s malevolent influence.
  2. The Photographer’s Encounter: A photographer visiting Lalbagh Fort recalls an unsettling encounter with the Cursed Fig Tree during a late-night photography session. As they attempted to capture the tree’s mysterious aura, their camera malfunctioned inexplicably, refusing to take any photographs. Intrigued yet unsettled, the photographer decided to leave, sensing a dark energy emanating from the tree.


The Cursed Fig Tree of Lalbagh Fort remains an enigmatic presence within the historical tapestry of Dhaka. Its dark legend, tales of misfortune, and eerie atmosphere continue to captivate the imaginations of locals and visitors alike. Whether attributed to supernatural forces or the power of belief, the tree serves as a cautionary reminder of the mysteries and unseen forces that surround us. As you wander the grounds of Lalbagh Fort, the Cursed Fig Tree stands as a testament to the enduring power of folklore and the chilling stories that endure through time.

Note: The above blog provides insights into the legend of the Cursed Fig Tree of Lalbagh Fort, including its haunting presence, tales of misfortune, and real-life experiences shared by those who have encountered it.

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