The Shaniwarwada Fort: Tales of Haunting History

The Shaniwarwada

Nestled in the heart of Pune, Maharashtra, the Shaniwarwada Fort stands as a witness to a bygone era of grandeur and power. With its magnificent architecture and rich history, this formidable structure has captivated the imagination of many. However, beneath its regal facade, the fort is said to hold dark secrets and ghostly tales. Let’s delve into the mysteries and real-life experiences associated with the Shaniwarwada Fort.

A Palace Steeped in History

Built in the 18th century, the Shaniwarwada Fort was once the seat of the powerful Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. The fort’s rich history is laced with tales of political intrigue, battles, and tragic events that have left their mark on its walls. It is amidst this historical backdrop that the stories of paranormal activity began to emerge.

The Ghostly Cry for Help

One of the most chilling tales associated with the Shaniwarwada Fort revolves around a young prince named Narayanrao. Legend has it that he was brutally murdered within the fort’s confines, and his anguished cries for help can still be heard echoing through the night. Visitors claim to have heard the desperate pleas for mercy (Kaka mala vachva), sending a shiver down their spines and reminding them of the tragic fate that befell the prince.

Real-Life Encounter: The Haunted Hallways

A group of paranormal enthusiasts decided to explore the dark corners of the Shaniwarwada Fort, equipped with their ghost-hunting equipment. As they roamed the dimly lit hallways, they captured EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recordings that seemed to contain ghostly whispers and eerie sounds. The experience left them convinced that the fort is indeed home to restless spirits, eternally trapped within its walls.

The Haunted Tower of Shadows

Within the Shaniwarwada Fort lies a tower known as the “Tower of Shadows.” It is here that paranormal activity is said to be most intense. Visitors claim to have felt a heavy presence and witnessed unexplained shadows moving through the tower’s rooms. The eerie atmosphere and lingering energy make it a hotspot for ghostly encounters.

Real-Life Encounter: The Phantom Lights

Late at night, a couple decided to take a moonlit stroll near the Shaniwarwada Fort. As they gazed at the majestic structure, they were startled by the sudden appearance of ethereal lights dancing around the fort’s walls. The lights flickered and moved in ways that defied explanation, leaving the couple in awe and wondering if they had witnessed a supernatural phenomenon.


The Shaniwarwada Fort stands as a testament to a glorious era of history, but its walls hold secrets that transcend time. The tales of the ghostly cries, haunted hallways, and mysterious lights add an air of mystique and intrigue to this majestic structure. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, the Shaniwarwada Fort beckons you to explore its history and venture into the realm of the unknown.

As you stand within the fort’s ancient walls, listen closely, and you may catch a whisper from the past. The echoes of the tragic events and restless spirits serve as a reminder of the enigmatic forces that continue to inhabit the Shaniwarwada Fort, keeping alive its haunting legacy.

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